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“Undisputed” Reality TV Show With Floyd Mayweather Sr.



“Undisputed” Reality TV Show With Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Join legendary trainer and uber-successful coach Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he challenges the world’s best trainers to a champion’s duel in their own sport!
Known as the man who fathered, coached and trained boxing’s first billion dollar athlete – Floyd Mayweather Junior.

“Senior” will meet the planet’s elite trainers in their sport and try to beat them at their own game!

*Title: “Undisputed” (30) Minute
Reality Show.

*Author: Frederick S. McRae

WGA Registration #1284463 Series.

We begin in a cool coffee shop. Emmy wing host Jordan Jay Adams sits with Mayweather and talks about his training philosophy and philosophy on life. They talk about his charity and why it’s so important that he gives back to others trainers causes, and delivers a $10,000.00 to the guest trainers charity of choice. Then host and Mayweather talk about his possible opponent and who it might be, what sports Mayweather has always wanted to coach, and how he is going to “smoke” whoever it is.
After meeting opposing trainer and competing, sport Mayweather picks his opponent’s athlete and his opponent picks Mayweather’s athlete from a selected group of slightly matched candidates. The episode culminates with a head to head competition of athletes trained by Mayweather and guest trainer in the sport that made the guest trainer famous and successful.
The guest trainer will receive a $10,000.00 donation for the charity of his or her choice, and in a powerful moment presents the six-foot check to the Poster Child/Grand Marshal” who represents that Charity organization.
Insiders have long known of Mr. Mayweather’s great sense of humor, strictly business attitude, world champion work ethics, and short fuse. Now the rest of the world gets to see it as well in true “must-see TV!”

Proposed Episodes

1. Horse Racing Triple Crown Winner Bob Baffert

2. MMA American Top Team Owner and Trainer Ricardo Liborio

3. Rodeo, Bull Riding coach

4. NASCAR driving coach, Car Racing

5. Football Sack challenge against Hall of Fame Sack leader

6. Baseball Ned Yost, Manager Kansas City Royals, home-run winning batting contest

7. BMX Vert challenge

8. Olympic swimming trainer,

9. Serena Williams Dad tennis challenge

10. Olympic gold medal winning sprinter Usain Bolt coach Glen Mills,

11. Basketball Free throw training contest with David Blatt, Coach of the Cleveland Cavs

12. Golf driving training contest with Chris Como, Tiger Wood’s Trainer

13. Hockey shot clock contest with Stanley Cup finalist and top scorer, Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning i

14. Boxer Greg “True Champ” Davis & Celebrity / Brand Consulting Agent “Mz Dolla Opportunity”.

*Musical Score to “Undisputed Reality Show” by “Donny Ray”


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