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Interview With The We Belong Bunch @webelongbunch @unclejamz


The We Belong Bunch w Uncle Jamz (2)

1.How long have you been in the music game ? 
Since 1993
2. Major influences in my music ?
 Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Prince, New Edition
3. Your first official Single ? 
You’re My Friend by the We Belong Bunch
4.Who do you have on your single?
 Mark Scott provided the vocals on the song. Rob Hittz did the track.
5. How did you get into the music game? 
My father used to be in a vocal soul group called The Fabulous Determinations. As a toddler he would take me to their vocal rehearsals and studio. 
6. Where were you born ?
Hamilton, Ohio 
7. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already? 
Anyone that is ready to positively uplift the community. 
8. Who do you think is the hottest rapper out?
 Right now it’s Cardi B. 
 b. The hottes r&b artist out? The R & B that is out now, isn’t true R & B, but Bruno Mars is representing.  
9.Tha hottest producer in our opinion ?
Sid Uncle Jamz Johnson 
10. Your Favorite artists ? 
Right now…Old School, 90’s artists 
11.How did we come up with the single title ?
I wrote the chorus first. It’s very catchy…So I just took the main element from the chorus. 
12.What female artist we think is tha sexiest ?
13.What would we like to see from tha music industry over tha next two years ?

a Rebirth of the true essence of R and B music. More focus on the talent of the artist, rather than visual..
14.Favorite Industry magazine
15.Who got you started in tha rap game
16.How doe your family feel about your music ?
 They really like the song. It’s a positive song for children. 
17.Tha top five Rap albums of all times ?
All Eyez on Me-Tupac, Straight Outta Compton-NWA, The Chronic-Dr. Dre, Ready to Die-The Notorious BIG, and The Low End Theory-A Tribe Called Quest 
18.Our favorite r&b groups or solo artists ?
 New Edition, Jackson 5, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin,  
 19.Where do we see tha music game headed ?
 More music will be downloaded more than ever. 
20.How do you usually come up with your songs ?
I usually come up with the chorus first. I write everything around the choruses. 
21.What can we expect from THE WE BELONG BUNCH in the future? 
More songs that incorporate the themes of community and acceptance.

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