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Interview With Stephen Riesen


1.How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry ?

Not long at all. Just got into the industry this month. Hoping to make a quick ascent.

2.Who Are Your Major Influences In Your Music ?

My brother who has the richest voice I’ve ever heard, and The Weeknd who has the smoothest. On the production side, I’d say Noah “40” Shebib is my biggest role mode for his off the wall TrapSoul styles.

3.What Is Your First Single ? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now ?

My first single is called With My Lovin’. Issa bop that you can find on my Spotify. My most popular song right now.

4.Who Do You Have On Your Album?

I was able to get two local Detroit artists to collaborate with me. Fatal Kozi, who makes an appearance on this song, and K’Vaughn who lives two hours north of the D.

5.How Did You Get Into The Rap Industry ?

I was surrounded by indie artists in my freshman year of college and they inspired me to start making beats because of my advanced music skills and knowledge of rhythm. They also discovered my voice was even better.

6.Where Were You Born ?  – Where Do You Live Now ? 

I was born in Cleveland and now I live in Westland, 10 minutes West of Detroit.

7.Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already ?

I would love to work with any female R&B artist especially Summerella, Sabrina Claudio, or Ella Mai. For the men, I’d love to collab with Lil Uzi Very because I imagine he’s got endless energy for his craft.

8.Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now ?

Lil Uzi has been my favorite since he got hot. His flows drive me to be more diverse and weird with my sound.

09.Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Producer Out ?  –  What Would You Say To That Producer On Why They Should Work With You ?

Wheezy. I’d basically tell him that I can flow with the best, but I’m even more smooth with my voice and not so much a rapper so it would be a whole new challenge.

10.How Did You Come Up With Your Album Title ?

It just happened to be the title of the climactic song of the album, Perception. Like, before that song I was super emotional but that song and after I was very introspective and calm.

11.What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Album ?

It’s a two way tie between Not Right, and Raising Tides. I love them both because they’re old school in style, but new school in sound.

12.Which Song On Your Album Means The Most Too You ?

Not Right, because it’s the first time I’ve engineered for an artist on a song of my own. I finally got to hear what I sound like when paired with a rapper and I came to love the sound.

13.Who Are You Signed With ?

I’m unsigned as of right now. I work indie so I don’t expect to sign in the near future.

14.When Is Your Album Release Date ?

It drops Aug 16th. Make sure to check my Instagram for the link!

15.What Cities Do You Plan On Touring ?

I’ll likely stay local and tour in Jackson, Lansing, and Erie but I’d tour anywhere given the opportunity.

16.What Female Rapper Or Artist Do You Think Is The Sexiest ?

For me, it’s Summerella. She’s just so naturally herself and it’s beautiful in a way not many can claim.

17.What Would You Like To See From The Music Industry Over The Next Year ?

I’d love to see the industry continue forward with its progressive production styles but not tolerate average vocalists and rappers the way we have since producers took over the game. Or at least give producers the credit they deserve.

18.What Is Your Second Single Going To Be ?

I’m going to be dropping a single called Desensitized in October. It’ll be a bop in the Neo-Funk style! Unique as hell!

19.If You Could Compare Yourself To An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be And Why ? 

Post Malone because you can pretty much put me in any style and it’ll work.

20.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out Of Your Music ? 

Listeners will have the chance to see my heart and understand my sincerity when they listen to my music. I’m never insincere about my songs.


21.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process ?

I usually write the song on paper first, produce the beat, and record third. I try to be as simple as possible because if I let myself get too intricate with the details, it will no longer be universally appealing.

22.Who Got You Started In The Rap Industry ?

My best friend did. I don’t really have much credit to give otherwise because he pushed me to never give up even when I thought I was average.

23.What Made You Want To Get Into The Music Business ? 

I realized the business person I will be when I gain my fanbase in music is the person I’m meant to be and I’m lucky enough to belong in an industry doing a job I love.

24.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music And Your Choice Of Career ?

They support it, but it took years of tolerating judgment and rejection. It wasn’t always as peaceful as it is now.

25.What Is The Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had To Endure In Life ? 

PTSD from when I almost got shot going to a market. It took months of reflection and self-forgiveness just to let go of that scene. I’ve had other struggles, but that was the peak of them.

26.What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music ?

I hope to reach the highest level and work with the young legends to come.

27.What’s The Demographic You Are Trying To Reach Out To ?

22-27 year olds with a light R&B and Hip-Hop taste.

28.How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Songs ?

I typically paint the scene in my mind first and the words flow out of me. It’s a very natural artistic process.

29.What Is Your Goal And Height That You Want To Reach With Your Music ?

Literally as high as my collaborators and fans will let me. I’m willing to just be stable but I want to be a member of the greats.

30.What Influenced  You Outside Of Hip Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style ?

Classical Music by Chopin, The Weeknd before he switched to Hip-Hop and obviously the pop stylings of the King, Michael Jackson.

31.How Can People Reach You ?

On my Instagram @thegreatandpowerfulism and my email stephen@ism-productions.com

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