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Interview With Mc Smitty G @mcsmittygmusic


1.How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry?

I have been making music since 2016.


2.Who Are Your Major Influences in Your Music?

Too Many to name, I made a song titled “Inspirations” to name a few.  I am just a huge fan of entertainment.


3.What Is Your First Single? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now ?

My very first single was DRANKS, it was actually the first beat I purchased exclusively, produced by DJ Foxtrot!


4.Who Do You Have on Your Album? 

My recent album “ShotClocks” Has features from a few awesome up and coming independent artists, Destiny Da Chef (@destinydachef), Tee (thee1loyaltee), Dew Love and The Crewe (@lovingthecrewe).


5.How Did You Get into The Rap Industry? 

I was challenged by producer to make a mixtape.  I booked a 2-hour studio session and recorded all ten tracks in 2 hours.  I titled it “Sofisticated-G.”  I didn’t know any better at the time, just wanted to meet the challenge.  After that I listened to thousands of beats (Soundclick) and I’ve been writing songs since.  Since the release of Sofisticated-G. I have released: Finish Ya Break Fast, The ConsTuition, The PreGamble & ShotClockz.  I recently completed and released a Jaggin4Beatz (Jacking For Beats) Although it isn’t an album, it is a nice lyrical compilation.


6.Where Were You Born?  – Where Do You Live Now ?

B&R in Live Oak, FL!! (Suwannee County Stand UP!!) I currently reside in Sandy Springs, GA (Atlanta)


7.Who Would You Like to Work with That You Haven’t Already ? 

Long List, I’m open to working with anyone that wants to make great music and possibly perform it one day.  I do feel like Tokyo Jetz would make some waves and Marcy Malone!!


8. Who Do You Have on Your Albums Right Now ?  

Destiny Da Chef (@destinydachef), Tee (thee1loyaltee), Dew Love and The Crewe (@lovingthecrewe).



9.Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now ? 

Me! Smitty-G.



10.Who Do You Think Is the Hottest Producer Out ?  –  What Would You Say To That Producer on Why They Should Work with You ?  

So many hot producers its ridiculous.  I would say let’s create greatness!  My couzin DUKES is amazing tho!!


11.How Did You Come Up with Your Album Title ?

Watching ESPN, the Warriors bench was drawing up plays and Steve Kerr was getting heat about it.  I said aloud, it doesn’t matter if they can’t draw up a play in 24 Seconds.  So, it was initially 24 Seconds as I started to choose tracks to purchase, write and reach out to features, I saw that I was looking to God making decisions and it was flowing like NBA plays, like ShotClockz!!


12.What Is Your Favorite Song on Your Album ?



13.Which Song on Your Album Means the Most Too You ?



14.Who Are You Signed With ?

Signed to? Yorel Hitz Music (Myself)


15.When Is Your Album Release Date ? 

Released ShotClockz On July 6, 2018


16.What Cities Do You Plan on Touring ? 



17.What Female Rapper or Artist Do You Think Is the Sexiest ?  

Everyday its someone new on the gram!!


18.What Would You Like to See from The Music Industry Over the Next Year ?

Less negativity, more greatness!!


19.What Is Your Second Single Going to Be ?  

CountryBoi or CountDown will be the next Single I push!!


20.If You Could Compare Yourself to An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be and Why ? 

No one, I am just working on what I know works for me.  I welcome any comparisons, but I don’t typically get many.


21.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out of Your Music ? 

Bodacious Vibezzz, a good listens and consistency.


22.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process ? 

I have worked on concepts throughout my albums.  I am always thinking about what my mom will say when she hears it!!


23.Who Got You Started in The Rap Industry ? 

My mother was talking to me about my brother Marcus that passed away and she asked me what I thought he would be doing today, I said, I don’t know. She said, I think he would be a rapper.  I was like wow!!  His birthday was upcoming and I wanted to honor him!!!


24.What Made You Want to Get into The Music Business ? 

I’m a business, man!!  I studied business in college and I always struggled with a product to sell.  I always was creative and I decided to use my creative skills to create a product. Here I am!!


25.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music and Your Choice of Career ? 

My whole family calls me Smitty-G.  They are amazing, because they know how my mind works.


26.What Is the Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had to Endure in Life ? 

Getting out of my own way and going with the flow.  Using my setbacks as setups for the next step up!!


27.What Do You Hope to Accomplish with Your Music ?  

Hall of Fame!!


28.What’s the Demographic You Are Trying to Reach Out To ? 

Ears all sizes, shapes, colors around the world!!


29.How Do You Usually Come Up with Your Songs ? 

Most times I wake up with something, then listening to tracks, also I have started producing.  Just staying open and thinking about the big picture!!


30.What Is Your Goal and Height That You Want to Reach with Your Music ?

HOF, Solar System Heights!!


31.What Influenced You Outside of Hip-Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style ?

I have a nice vinyl collection and I have always loved all types of music, enough to give it an ear!!  Also, respect for the listeners!!


32.How Can People Reach You ? 


Email – Mcsmittyg@gmail.com

Instagram – @mcsmittyg

Twitter – @mcsmittygmusic / @mcsmittyg

Snapchat – @mcsmittyg

Sound Cloud – Mcsmittyg

Web Site – Mcsmittyg.com

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