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Interview With Djay Prodigy @djay_prodigy @skypp317 @damonkarlmusic @unclejamz


DJay Prodigy


1. How long have you been in the rap game: 
4 years
 2. Major influences in my music 
J Cole and LL Cool J influence most of my music  
 3. Your first official Single 
“Underdog Anthem” 
 4. Who do you have on your single? 
Skypp and Damon Karl 
 5. How did you get into the rap game? 
When i was younger around 8 i used to watch my cousins rap, since  i have always been fascinated with music, and i started learning how to put words together in poem form in college. 
 6. Where were you born?
 Indianapolis, Indiana
 7. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?
 Drake, Chris Brown, T-Pain, B.O.B, Jagged Edge, and Dee-1 
 8. Who do you think is the hottest rapper out ? 
J Cole, Drake 
 9.Tha hottest producer in our opinion ? 
Pharrell and the N.E.R.D crew  
10. Your Favorite artists. ?
J cole, T-Pain Chris Brown, T.I, Ace Hood, B.O.B, Drake 
11.How did we come up with tha single title? 
I came up with it after having thoughts about past experiences in high school with being the underdog throughout my time at school.
12.What female artist we think is tha sexiest ?
Sevyn Streeter 
13.What would we you like to see from tha music industry over tha next two years? 
More poetic, storytelling artists industry making a way for the industry to have a good light as far as rap goes 
14.Favorite Industry magazine?
15.Who got you started in tha rap game ? 
My friends pushed me to do music when i was overseas listening in the military and when i returned it was the only hint that felt right to do. 
16.How does your family feel about your music? 
They support my music by streaming it and purchasing merchandise 
17.Tha top five Rap albums of all times ?
“illmatic” by Nas “Born Sinner” J Cole “Carter 2” Lil Wayne “Good Kid Maad City” Kendrick Lamar “Trials and Tribulations” Ace Hood 
18.Your favorite r&b groups or solo artists ?
 Chris Brown, 112, Stevie Wonder, Jagged Edge 
19.Where do you see tha music game headed?
   The rap game is headed for trouble if they don’t get rid of these mumble rappers as the TOP ACTS.
20.How do you usually come up with your songs?
 I base my songs on a story of a past experience i feel would relate to my fans as well as people that can correlate it to their lives. 
21.What can we expect from ?
DJAY PRODIGY in the future?
 More singles as well as an album that i feel needs to be heard by everyone. A tour coming to a city near you!!!

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