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Interview With Damon Karl @damonkarlmusic



1.How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry ?
I am a r&b and pop artist. I have been doing music since I was 16 years old.
Been officially in the business about 2 years.
2.Who Are Your Major Influences In Your Music ?
Babyface, Ne-Yo, Musiq Soulchild, John Legend, Prince,
Michael Jackson
3.What Is Your First Single ? –  & What Single Do You Have Out Now If Any ?
My first single was “Colors Of The World”. My new single is “Beautiful Girl”.
I have a music video to it as well. 

4.Who Do You Have On Your Album?
I don’t have an album at this time. In 2019 I have plans to do an EP.
5.How Did You Get Into The. Music Industry ?
I first started singing in church, and then a couple of years ago I participated in a ‘Sing for Tank’ audition to open for r&b singer Tank and one of the judges was Uncle Jamz, who has worked with Babyface, Mariah Carey, Usher and many more and he thought I had some talent and signed me to his company.
6.Where Were You Born ?  – Where Do You Live Now ? 
Indianapolis, Indiana. I still live in Indianapolis.
7.Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already ?
Babyface, John Legend, Tori Kelly, and a few others.
8. Who Do You Have On Your Albums Right Now ?
No albums yet.
9.Who Is Your Favorite Artist You Like Right Now ?
Shawn Mendez, Bruno Mars, Babyface all come to mind.
10.Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Producer Out ?  –  What Would You Say To That Producer Re: Why They Should Work With You ?
It would be a dream to work with Babyface, after all he is from Indianapolis and I have had the privilege to meet him and open a concert for him. He plays guitar and sings and so do It would be a great match.
11.How Did You Come Up With Your Album Title ?
No album
12.What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Album ?
13.Which Song On Your Album Means The Most Too You ?
My single is about all the beautiful women in the world and they all need to know they are appreciated.
14.Who Are You Signed With or are you Independent ?
I am an independent artist on the indie label MECAP Music.
15.When Is Your Album Release Date ?
16.What Cities Do You Plan On Touring ?
Who wouldn’t want to perform everywhere. Music is universal.
17.What Female Rapper Or Artist Do You Think Is The Sexiest ?
Alessia Cara. 
18.What Would You Like To See From The Music Industry Over The Next Year ?
More positive music that makes people feel good and uplifts them. Also an increase in the royalty rate for streaming.
19.What Is Your Second Single Going To Be ?
“Beautiful Girl” is my second single.
20.If You Could Compare Yourself To An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be And Why ?   
I am my own artist. I have been influenced by several like Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Babyface and Ne-Yo, but there aren’t a lot of Black male singers that also play acoustic guitar while they sing.
21.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out Of Your Music ? 
I am sincere and real with my good vibes and positive presentation. I hope they come away saying Damon Karl is real.
22.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed ?
Trying to create something that people can relate to. Hopefully they will feel my passion and sincerity.
23.Who Got You Started In Business ?
No one really got me started. My older brother played guitar a bit and that made me want to play the guitar.
24.What Made You Want To Get Into The Music Business ? 
I love music and I wanted to get out here and show people my love for it.
Being with around a veteran like Uncle Jamz, I have met so many legends and great people that it rubs off on me.
25.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music And Your Choice Of Career ?
They support me 100%.
26.What Is The Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had To Endure In Life ? 
Having my guitar stolen.
27.What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music ?
Make people feel some kind of way and hopefully it is positive, that would be amazing.
28.What’s The Demographic You Are Trying To Reach Out To ?
No limitations. I want old school, young people like me and people all over the world to like Damon Karl music. Of course the ladies.
29.How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Songs ?
They are sometimes based on life experiences or things I see others go through.
30.What Is Your Goal And Heights That You Want To Reach With Your Music ?
To become established as a singer/musician. If people like what I do, then I feel mission accomplished.
31.What Influenced Helped You Form Your Style ?
Being in the church singing and around family that sang and all of the artists I mentioned earlier.
32.How Can People Reach You ? 
Twitter: @damonkarlmusic 
Facebook: Musician page Damon Karl 
Instagram: @damonkarl 
for bookings and business contact: sidviciousjamz@gmail.com 

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