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1.How Long Have You Been in The Rap Industry?

Been working on my music since 1993 and started booking and doing our own shows in 1996 and released our first single Fargo/Real Hip-hop and sold it hand to hand as part of a rap group CWS (copin’ wit stress)

2.Who Are Your Major Influences in Your Music?

My major influences would be Tupac, Scarface, NWA, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Too Short, E40 & the Click, Prince, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and most true artists

3.What Is Your First Single? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now?

“Ready to blow money” it is my official re-entry into the new rap game, it’s from the upcoming long-awaited Rez-uh-rek-shun album dropping October 10th, 2018

4.Who Do You Have on Your Album?

Just me really, I have Yung Groove singing on a song called “Thankful”, my daughter McKayla talking on the intro of Ms. Hip-Hop, my son BK on the intro/outro of “Faded”

5.How Did You Get into The Rap Industry?

After I got out the Air Force in 1993, I was freestyleing in a few clubs and making songs, when I sent out a demo of 4 songs to an independent record label in Texas. I went down there from in 1994 to record the 4 songs I had sent them. When I was there I saw how they ran the label and thought I could do the same, so I read books and studied any information on starting an independent label. After a few months of no contact and finally getting in touch with one of the owner’s mom, they had gotten in some trouble and the label was shutdown.

6.Where Were You Born?  – Where Do You Live Now?

A small town named Ardmore, Oklahoma it sits in the middle of Dallas & Oklahoma City off I-35. I currently live in Lawrence, Kansas with my wife & kids. I just recently graduated from Haskell Indian Nations University with a bachelor’s Degree in business management.

7.Who Would You Like to Work with That You Haven’t Already?

Scarface, Dre, Ice cube, Nas, E40, B Legit to name a few I’m open to work with anybody really.

8.Who Do You Have on Your Albums Right Now?

Myself, because some artists have not shown up when invited to the studio, so I just go head and make a song, no time for excuses, I’m serious about my craft and doing the work.

9.Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now?

KG cause I’m true to myself and style. I like all the artists I mentioned earlier because of their longevity, I like Z RO, Rick Ross, Future, Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Kendrick Lamar, I really like to hear underground artist.

10.Who Do You Think Is the Hottest Producer Out?  –  What Would You Say to That Producer on Why They Should Work with You?

I don’t have a favorite producer. I like certain things about the tracks I get on, it’s has to move me, it’s a feeling.

12.How Did You Come Up with Your Album Title?

I had pretty much threw the towel in on the game because I was frustrated so I took some years off, but I kept recording from time to time so I ended up with 25 plus tracks, so I thought I would look at making an album. I came up with the title after a photo shoot in a graveyard, I was in summer school in the science building and something in my mind said name it resurrection. I liked that title but not the way it was spelled so after class I went home and started to figure out how I was going to spell it.

13.What Is Your Favorite Song on Your Album?

I don’t really have a favorite song on the album I like different aspects of each song, I look at each song could be better but I guess if I did that I would never put music out lol.

14.Which Song on Your Album Means the Most Too You?

Probably, “A Nu Day” because the chorus “facing discrimination all around the nation, wearing on my patience, A Nu Day, died twice in one day, still here to celebrate hey, hey, hey, A Nu Day, mistakes along the way, I had dues to pay but I’m go keep my head up, A Nu Day

15.Who Are You Signed With?

Copin’ Wit Stress, I want to control when I put out music & build something that my kids can own and put out for years after I’m dead and gone on some Tupac shit lol.

16.When Is Your Album Release Date?

October 10th, 2018

17.What Cities Do You Plan on Touring?

I’m putting together my own tour through the Midwest for the spring of 2019 with a few dates in other parts of the country. Right now, I’m getting back to the stage doing open mics & shows along I-35.

18.What Female Rapper or Artist Do You Think Is the Sexiest?

I’m married, with kids so its really bout the music for me, I can appreciate beautiful women but I’m good.

19.What Would You Like to See from The Music Industry Over the Next Year?

I would like to see more originality in the music instead of everybody using the same catch phrases in every song.

20.What Is Your Second Single Going to Be?

Say It Loud, A Nu Day, Ms. Hip-hop or Gangsta Boo

21.If You Could Compare Yourself to An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be and Why? 

I would say Face or Pac because of the content, but people around me say Face, Pac, Zro, B-legit I would say I have an aspect of all of them and more in my style.

22.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out of Your Music?

I would hope they get the message that I have made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of bullshit in my life, but I have learned a lot and still growing as a person & artist.

23.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process?

Most of the time I was writing what comes from my heart, how I’m feeling or from the shit I have done or seen. Now I see a lot of injustice in the world and I try to address that in some way shape or form.

24.Who Got You Started in The Rap Industry?

I would say myself because when I was growing up most of my older cousins were listening to soul music, blues or R & B. I have been a fan of rap since Sugarhill Gang, Blonde and many other artists from way back in the day. I was a fan before I was even thinking about being an artist or maybe I was an artist just studying my craft all those years I was buying rap music.

25.What Made You Want to Get into The Music Business?

I love the music, I would have to say the music from around 1991-1993 really made me want to get in the rap game.

26.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music and Your Choice of Career?

My wife & kids have heard me working on it sooo much I think they are kind of immune to it and my kids are like most kids in this generation they like the artist’s that are out right now that cater to them but they like some of the things I do too. In the end they want to see me be successful.

27.What Is the Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had to Endure in Life? “

A couple of years ago I was working nights, going to school & coaching youth football and after being up from Thursday night around 10p I worked all night then went to school during the day, then after class I was moving my studio from my bedroom to a spot upstairs and finally finished a little after midnight so I went oust side to smoke and have a drink, I started feeling sleepy and went back in the house to go upstairs, blacked out and fell down the stairs, my wife woke up and saw me on the floor, tied to wake me up, when I regained consciousness she tried to set me up but I was in too much pain, so she called the ambulance. After a few days in the hospital with two cracked bones in my neck I was released to go home. I was home about a week later and got up one night to turn on the heater and fell out again and this time she could not wake me up, the ambulance came took me to the hospital again and finally brought me too, they told my wife they almost lost me twice on the ride to the hospital. I remember in the ambulance when I regained consciousness I was trying to catch my breath by rapidly taking in hundreds of breaths per minute.

I had a blood clot cover both lungs and every doctor kept saying I was lucky to be alive, but I know when I was in that dark peaceful place I still had work to do in this world. That’s why I named my album Rez-uh-rek-shun because I feel like I died and came back.

By the way when I went back to the doctor for a check up six weeks later they could not find any broken bones in my neck.

28.What Do You Hope to Accomplish with Your Music?

To help people understand that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds too if they will stick with it through the trials & tribulations and make a lot of money lol.

29.What’s the Demographic You Are Trying to Reach Out To?

I’m reaching out to adults that love good quality rap music, I would like to say that as the youth become adults they will able to relate to my music for years to come.

30.How Do You Usually Come Up with Your Songs?

I used to drink & smoke, then freestyle until I get a concept then I write a little then freestyle some more. Now I may be inspired by a thought or something I saw on TV, riding down the street, etc.

31.What Is Your Goal and Height That You Want to Reach with Your Music?

I want to sell millions of, mp3s, streams, downloads, merch etc. and build Copin’ Wit Stress into a global empire.

32.What Influenced You Outside of Hip Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style?

The Voices of Faith, my parent’s gospel group that was together for maybe 30 years. They never wanted to sign a deal and had many people from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas & Kansas that love their music. They were my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a few other artist and singers that was part of the group through the years.

33.How Can People Reach You? Add All Your Social Media Sites

Email – kgcws1@gmail.com

Phone Number -580.222.8371

Instagram – @kgcws1

Twitter – @copinwitstress

Snapchat –

Sound Cloud – kgcws1

Web Site – www.copinwitstress.com

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