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Interview With Gang A Lee @TheRealGangalee



1.How Long Have You Been In The Rap Industry ?
I have been rapping all my life, however taking the craft seriously as I have been in the business officially recognized for my work since 2009. 
2.Who Are Your Major Influences In Your Music?  
My major influences vary depending on my mood and what goal I am trying to achieve. For example, I love Bob Marley for his free spirit as well as his ability to bring people together through his music. Then I like artist like Drake because he has this ability to convey a message to a broad audience flawlessly. I love all genres of music, and right now I cannot say there is one particular artist that is an influence on me. However, I can say I love art, and anyone that can create something beautiful should be appreciated. 
3.What Is Your First Single ? –  Or What Single Do You Have Out Now ? 
I am not following the traditional “this is my first single” mode. However, I am dropping videos off the album depending on how I feel. For example, on Instagram for a few months I have been teasing the audience with my song titled “Falling” DJs were like “Send me that!” and I honestly was pleasantly surprised. However, in June we dropped a video titled “So DAMN good” shot by CollosalTV, off of the album and it is currently well received. Then on 4th of July, we followed up with “Drive” off of the album which officially dropped everywhere July 8th. The album is called “Moments of Perfection” I am very proud of this album because I believe I captured moments of perfections several times when creating this album. I strongly think there is something for everyone to enjoy on this album. 
4.Who Do You Have On Your Album? 
 As far as a featured artist I have a collaboration with a really dope artist named Napolean the Legend out of NYC. He also has a new project that drops later on in July, and I encourage everyone to check it out. This guy is super dope as well as super talented. As far as production goes, I worked with a lot of “Youtube” and “Soundcloud” producers. The funny thing about me doing this is I actually am in touch with these producers, and I greatly respect their work ethics and sound. I would reach out to each one of them, and almost always they reach back and next thing you know we create some excellent music. So shoutout to CollosalBEATS, DG BEATS, Taz Taylor, OmitoBeats, KDubbz, CashMoneyAP, and MubzBeats.
5.How Did You Get Into The Rap Industry ? 
I can honestly say I feel like I am creating my lane. I signed to my label DOE Records based in Tampa, FL. We originated in Virginia Beach and since migrated south to Florida. In this day and age of the internet, we all can agree you can create your lane if you are determined enough and make it happen.
6.Where Were You Born ?  – Where Do You Live Now ?
 I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY. Both my parents were born in Kingston Jamaica and later migrated to NY for a better life. Now I currently reside in Tampa, FL and I can say I love the weather and love I receive out here in FL. 
7.Who Would You Like To Work With That You Haven’t Already ? 
Man… whoever the powers that be would want me to work with… I am down. Personally, I would love to work with Janelle Monae, Drake, Damion Marley, and 2Chainz. These are my tops right now but I will honestly work with anyone that has a dope sound, message, or energy. 
8.Who Is Your Favorite Rapper You Like Right Now ? 
I will say Drake. I honestly hate to say I have a favorite but Drake has a special way he approaches rap and for years he kept my attention thus earning my respect. But once again if it is dope I like it I am not biased to any particular artist. 
9.Who Do You Think Is The Hottest Producer Out ?
  –  What Would You Say To That Producer On Why They Should Work With You ? I 
10.How Did You Come Up With Your Album Title ? 
Over the last two years of working on this album we would would have moments where we would be mixing down a track or listening a final master and would say something like “It is Perfect!” or that hook was perfect.. so I said you know what all of these songs created moments of perfection in the creative process. No one is perfect but we all are allowed to have perfect moments, and I feel this album can speak to that. 
11.What Is Your Favorite Song On Your Album ?
 My favorite song on the album is “Wake Up” it is the first track also on the album for many reasons. But the main reason is because I have to wake up and go to work daily. Regardless if it is to pay my mortgage or to be in the studio all night, it is work. So sometimes you may not feel cute and you may be tired but you still have to wake up and get the bag. So I am not going to let how I look. or feel. stop me from doing that. 
12.Which Song On Your Album Means The Most Too You ? 
I can’t say there is one song that means the most because the entire album is near and dear to my heart. Each song literally has its own story so to pick one over the other is like me picking one awesome or deep experience over the other. I like all the songs for so many different reasons. 
13.Who Are You Signed With ? 
I am signed to DOE Records an indie label that I also founded. 
14.When Is Your Album Release Date ? 
The album dropped July 8th and is in every digital streaming outlets now! 
15.What Cities Do You Plan On Touring ? 
I will be in Augusta, GA in the end of August, and more TBA. But I am open and willing to be in a city near you just hit up Big Chuck at: DOERecordsPromo@gmail.com
16.What Female Rapper Or Artist Do You Think Is The Sexiest ? 
I would have to say me. I am all natural. lol.. Seriously I think being sexy is in the eye of the beholder so who am I am to judge. 
17.What Would You Like To See From The Music Industry Over The Next Year ? 
I am praying to see the music industry become more open and willing to listen to new artist and not the standard 5-10 artist in heavy rotation. I want to see internet artist like myself get more traditional radio airplay as well as opportunities to perform on bigger platforms without all the unnecessary redtape. 
18.What Is Your Second Single Going To Be ?
 Like I said I am shying away from having an agenda with how I release the music. Instead I want to music to speak to the audience who in return tell me what they want to hear next. I hope that made sense, lol. 
19.If You Could Compare Yourself To An Already Established Artist, Who Would That Be And Why? 
I prefer not to compare myself to any artist that is already established. I tend to create my own lane and my goal is to create music and a mood that attract some of the same audiences as major artists. 
20.What Do You Think Your Listeners Will Get Out Of Your Music ? 
I believe the listeners will understand that anything we want or have we have to work hard for it. You can have fun but without a purpose, it all just games. 
21.What Were You Thinking About When Your Songs Are Developed? Explain Your Process ? 
I am a mood and energy based person. Living in Florida we have some months where it rains all the time. For me, this is the best time to go in the studio and create. Then there are other times where I am traveling and will come up with a hook or concept based on a night or day I just had. So I can honestly say my song development can be all over the place at times. 
22.Who Got You Started In The Rap Industry  ?
 My first break was in Virginia Beach where I was in an indie group signed to a German Label based in the beach. Nothing manifested from the venture, but I did learn some valuable lessons that I can later apply to how I approach the business side of the music. 
23.What Made You Want To Get Into The Music Business ? 
I just love music and creating it. However, I also know without the business side then it is just a hobby. I love the energy and seeing how I touch people with my songs, that helped me quickly decide this is the business for me. 
24.How Does Your Family Feel About Your Music And Your Choice Of Career ? 
At first it was hard, then in 2010 when I was living in Virginia Beach, my parents called me on the late night from New York screaming how they were watching my video “Opulence” on Video Music Box. I think that was a turning point for my family. 
25.What Is The Most Difficult Thing You’ve Had To Endure In Life ? 
The most difficult thing I had to endure in life was coming to accept that sometimes you have to work harder than others, even if you feel like you are better. It is a reality check. You should never compare yourself or your work to someone else because you will come up short. The reason why I say this is because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors so trying to compete with the unknown is a crazy concept. However, once I understood this life became even more awesome and I have great music to show for it! lol..
26.What Do You Hope To Accomplish With Your Music ? 
I hope to leave a legacy for my family that they can talk about for years to come. I also want to leave great music for the world to add to their life soundtrack.
27.What’s The Demographic You Are Trying To Reach Out To ? 
I dont have an age limit on my music I have fans of all ages and to me that is the best. This lets me know I am creating music for all walks of life. 
28.How Do You Usually Come Up With Your Songs ? 
It all depends on the beat the mood, the concept, like I said I be all over the place with my creative process. 
29.What Is Your Goal And Height That You Want To Reach With Your Music ? 
30.What Influenced  You Outside Of Hip Hop Rap That Have Helped You Form Your Style ? 
Being Jamaican has played a big role in my style as well as being from the Bronx. Both places have very unique accents you just cant deny it. 
31.How Can People Reach You ? Add All Your Social Media Sites
Email – DOERecordsPromo@Gmail.com
Phone Number –
Instagram –  @GangaleeMC and @doe_records
Twitter – @TheRealGangalee
Snapchat – 
Sound Cloud – GangaleeMC
Web Site – www.DOERecords.com
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